MC and Event Organisers – Barbara & Michael Ford

Michael Roach with Barbara Ford
Michael in MC mode – respect the artists!

Bar at the event & Band Green Room before the event

– The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye

Artist signatures in the Green Room
Harry Brisland showing Earl Thomas how to pull an English pint!

Room Preparation & Tear Down – Michael & Barbara Ford, John & Jackie Watson, Jon Crossley, Rachel & Chris Lackey, Stuart Blair, David Marsden, John Ferguson, Phil Cook, Barry Lambert, Keith Moore, Glynne Davies & Others…

Electrical Checks – John Ferguson

Health & Safety Officer – Mike Holdsworth

Sound – Mike & Red

Mike the Sound Engineer – not always this happy!
State of the Art Sound System
Sound check underway

Raffle – Liz Farmer

Prizes donated by members

Door – Jackie Watson, Barry Carter, Biddy Unsworth, Andy Bleasdale, Christine Goddard

Respect for the artists mandatory

Traffic Parking Cones in Laycock Village – John Watson

Video Projectionist – Bev Hudson

Audience – over 200 Members

Official Photographers – John Ashton & Charles Waller

Heidi Bland’s Original Blues Legends Artwork – John Lee Hooker

Blues Banners – Heidi Bland

Graphic Design – John Ashton

Press Officer – Maggie Marsden

Blues in Schools Programme – Barbara Ford, Ros Owens, Jackie Watson

House Band – BBC5 – the band performed at each gig for free (they would have actually paid for the privilege of performing on the same stage as the Laycock Legends!)

Martyn Paley, Michael Ford, Sean Warters, Jon Crossley, John Watson – BBC5 Mk II
Jon Crossley, John Watson, Tom Los, Michael Ford, James Ferguson – BBC5 Mk 1
Jamming with ‘Laycock Legend’ Ben Waters (3rd from left)

Membership and Ticket Sales – Ros & Chris Owens (see Bluesflash below)

Blues Flash – Carole Holdsworth

Original website (no longer available) – Chris Lackey


New Bronte Blues Club website (above) – Martyn Paley


The BlackHill Barrow Boys follow on in the tradition of the BBC5….

Other ‘interesting’ websites….

A little light reading – ‘A History of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Spectroscopy in the UK’
Revealing the Mysterious History of the UK through Place Name Endings

… that’s all folks!